Saturday, November 3, 2012

Free Clarity Psychic Readings

Because this is a real psychic reading there is no charge. Your reading has already begun. Witnessing your reaction to the following is the beginning of renovating your psychology at a comfortable pace while watching for signs of nervousness and or acknowledgements from the people who are close to you.
 DNAing is roughly in its 4 billionth year. Our disposable bodies simply imply that the process of making us perfect is now in our hands, where before it was the result of the sum of all physics in our region of space and time. Your default psychology was assembled in the era of acting (like nothing is wrong)... which is, of course not the TRUTH.

So, our love is era-tainted and can be easily cleaned by speaking from your physical immortality willingness in a gentle careful manner to some of the people you are connected to and some that you have connected to! Operating intuitively and empathically (when talking to others) can seem normal in a fairly short amount of time.  

 [Free Clarity Psychic Readings] are a miracle!
(Keyword management is an important part of communication on the internet!)

 Death, for humans, is the evidence that the evolution of truth and respect for life is severely underdeveloped in all cultures. Your reading of this is causing a change in the karmic potential of higher and higher Love+truth, combined.

               Creating all children to die might be a form of terrorism!

College and University Search Manipulation Technology for the Age of Immortality Education Interneted

Taking over the Internet (Immortality) 

42.8Khz Gated in a 50%-50% duty cycle at 600cps interruption rate

 Water Fuel Cell Stanley Allen Meyer Free Clean Recyclable ReBurnable hho Distilled Water as Fuel
 Keywords are:
water fuel cell        0.29%
stanley allen meyer    1   
Voltage controlled ElectroStatically Modulated Molecular Disassociation    9    0.1%
Renowned Phrophet of energy non profit organization    7    0.10%
Meyer fuel cell technology    6    0.09%
the non profit Prophet    6    0.09%
Stanley Allen Meyer hho High Voltage D.C. Very Low Current    6    0.09%
low amp conditioning       
Turning water into oil       
meyer hho turning water to oil       
the water fuel relacing oil rapidly       
hho turning water into gold       
Water fuel cell for free expired patents       
research and development of hho       
due to the Genius of Meyer       
WFC Voltage Intensifier Circuit       
42.8khz 600cps gated square wave       
wfc stanley allen       
version of the VIC WFC       
gap of .067 mm ravi confirmation of validity of concept       
Jean Louis Naudin Verified by       
a a a       
original d document       
surfaces of the       
cold current electricity       
the original d       
pulses to the       
can be used       
milliamps for min       
the low amp consuming aspect       
min and stop       
42.8khz and 600cps Gating frequencies made into mp files and or a cd to replace the signal generator       
this video shows       
pdf http www       
the people who       
mentioned in the       
oil wfc stanley       
the inner tube       
have to be       
video this video       
size of the       
min goto amps       
video shows the       
the manufacturing process       
high amp conditioning       
solid state version       
hydrogen and oxygen       
needs to be       
part of the       
the brown muck       
'amp consuming device'       
the conditioning process       
the capacitor is       
you use the       
angeles to new       
can be seen       
hydrogen on demand       
you can see       
ravi states he       
the frequency generator       
proposed granted research       
cold current circuit       
there is an       
hho or brown's
brown's gas not
the circuit it
panacea endorsed supplier
supplier of cells
paper to remove
cells and components
gas not differentiated
not differentiated hydrogen
the lower the
oxygen and all
the inner tubes
back to the
do not use
go to amps
html http www
go through stan's
cell would be
water as it
never touch the
it produces gas
the ss alloy
http www hotlinkfiles
occurs in the
change the water
out of the
no heating occurs
light emitting diodes
speed of sound
is hydroxy aka
ravi technical discussion
related ravi technical
links related ravi
produced is hydroxy
gas produced is
produces gas the
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